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Sketchy Tank x Chippa Wilson

Sketchy Tank x Chippa Wilson

Posted by Brett Vergou on

Pre-order starts now!


For the 2nd series of the Chippa Collection we have teamed up with renowned Californian artist, Sketchy Tank.

We will be staggering the drops of each product in this collection because it's far too powerful to release all at once, and numbers are going to be extremely limited!

Drop 1 features the highly coveted Chippa x Sketchy Tank, Deluxe 3mm Dipped Bootie and is available for pre-order now!


This very limited run of the Deluxe Bootie will ship in mid September throughout Australia, and early October in the Northern Hem.


As an artist, Sketchy Tank started out on a darkly humorous path from an early age. Doodles of skulls and dicks adorning his text books was the norm, and began appearing as early as the third grade. As an adult, Sketchy began collecting NSFW images including twisted visuals of terrible tattoos, and pre-meme hilarity. The folder quickly filled up, and Sketchy Tank turned this massive collection of madness into a blog — As the blog grew in popularity, Sketchy started adding his own illustrations to the pictorial mix. Soon these graphics and illustrations became the most popular part of the site, and eventually became the Lurking Class®.


Every illustration has a story behind it or a crass dose of social commentary, meant to “disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed”. Lurking Class is made for a growing union of like-minded individuals for whom normalcy is not an option.


The underground meets the masses.

Sketchy Tank x Adelio
adelio dipped boots


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